My Story


My intention is to inspire others to create deeper self-awareness. Meeting with clients one-on-one and working together to facilitate healing is my passion.


As a young woman living in New Jersey in the late 80s I was always fascinated with the vibrant energy of New York City. I would go into the city often and visit the many herb and gem shops in Greenwich Village. I spent hours reading books and felt a resonance with the art of holistic healing. I allowed my inner voice to guide me and read books like "Creative Visualization" by Shakti Gawain and "The Tibetan Book Of The Dead". I attended healing fairs and immersed myself in the philosophies of spiritual wellness. Through exploring these interests, I was led to a place of wanting to know more about the art of Yoga. This was the late 80’s and there were no Yoga classes to participate in and there was no internet to help in finding a teacher. I relied on the trusty yellow pages of my local phone book. As I opened to the back I found one teacher who offered private instruction. I began taking weekly instruction in Hatha Yoga and I learned from my teacher how to use this form of spirituality to cultivate deeper self-awareness. Our one-hour sessions comprised of sitting meditation, reading Dharma texts and learning one asana each week.

In 1994 I made a move to Northern California where I was able to deepen my education in the healing arts and continue on my own healing journey. I studied planetary herbalism with Michael and Leslie Tierra and Christopher Hobbs. I immersed myself in classes about flower essences, herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, yoga and meditation and committed to using these holistic healing modalities as my family's main source of medicine. A whole new world of healing resources opened up to me on the West Coast; I joined a weekly writer’s group with Ellen Bass (co-author of The Courage To Heal) and later became part of a women’s healing group for survivors of sexual abuse. By being able to tell and transform the story of my abuse and bear witness to others, I was learning how to reclaim this wounded part of my self. I realized that the trauma was something that I experienced, but it didn’t have to define me.

Throughout this time, I focused on raising my family while owning and operating an arts and entertainment production company with my husband. I worked closely with artists and musicians, producing one-of-a-kind events throughout Northern California. I enjoyed the rich diversity of the people and the shows and I developed an intimate understanding of the needs of creative individuals.

After more than a dozen years in entertainment production, I made a decision to return to my roots in the healing arts. In 2016, I completed both the Bach Flower Practitioner training in Ashland, OR and the Flower Essence Society professional course in Nevada City, CA. I received my Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BRFP) certificate in 2017. Also in 2017 I completed 100 hours of coach training in Narrative Health Coaching at Teleosis Institute in Berkeley, CA, approved by the International Consortium for Health & Wellness Coaching (ICHWC).

My belief is that healing is an ongoing journey of self-discovery. It isn’t about finding a “cure” for what ails us, but being able to accept the challenges of being in a human body and finding the joy within this experience. I continue to learn from wise women and men and participate in communities of like-minded healers that support me along the way.