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Narrative Health Coaching

Everybody has a story that they tell themselves, over and over again. What stories do you currently tell, and how do you tell them? Do they serve your healing and growth, or do they keep you stuck? The choices we make and the stories we tell emerge from how we see our lives, and have a powerful impact on what we’ll be able to see and do next.

Narrative Health Coaching is an integral way to help clients shift the story around their emotional and physical challenges and focus on a healing dialogue. Whatever deters you from your path to well-being, such as anxiety, fear, lack of motivation, grief, lack of self confidence, trauma recovery...your story provides the space to re-interpret your perspectives in ways that support and nurture growth.

Narrative Health Coaching is an innovative system of wellness used to facilitate better health by addressing health challenges at the core. Through the development of skills that lead to deeper self-awareness, my clients become more capable of managing challenges as they arise.

Flower Essence Therapy

Flower Essence Therapy is a form of energetic healing that has been used with great success since the 1930’s. It restores out of balance emotions using liquid extracts or "essences" from various flowers of wild plants and trees. Flower essences carry energetic imprints of the life force of plants, which stimulate positive qualities within us. In physics, this principle is known as resonance. Flower essence therapy awakens these resonant, positive forces, leading to mental, emotional and physical well-being.

With compassion and creativity, I design a program around a specific healing topic to address and clarify your individual emotional needs, and prescribe flower essence remedies to assist with recovery and restoration. Once we truly engage together, we are able to move toward a solution for deeper healing.

I welcome the opportunity to work with women, men and children who are seeking balance and a holistic addition to their current health care program. To discuss how to best address your specific needs, I invite you to Schedule Your Complimentary 15-Minute Consultation.

What Are My Healing Sessions Like?

I offer in-person, phone, and video healing sessions. In our first session together, we will discuss your specific emotional and physical challenges in-depth. During this process, we will identify and clarify your goals for healing.

I design an individualized coaching plan, and at the end of each session, I formulate a personalized flower essence remedy for you to use at home. Through a series of sessions, we will carry out the plan with the development of growth practices. The practices might include journaling, meditation, physical exercise, group activities, or whatever best supports your unique inner rhythm in order to create and maintain balance.

Cultivating deeper self-awareness allows for growth and healing. In our sessions together, I will guide you in establishing new skills and adhering to consistency in your practices.

I invite you to Schedule Your Complimentary 15-Minute Consultation or visit my Blog to learn more.

My Narrative Health Coaching Practice is Based on 4 Core Principles

Story Matters: It’s not about getting rid of old behavior and old patterns; it’s about understanding our own story and learning to tell a new one – one that includes increased awareness and insight.

Relationships Engage: Community is essential. Narrative Health Coaching offers a healthy interpersonal container, which provides an environment for deep listening and deep understanding.

Learning Transforms: We use learning cycles – set-seek-apply-assess and re-set – to increase skills and awareness. Growth through learning cycles allows us to reframe challenges, fostering greater health.

Growth Heals: Outstanding results occur through diverse disciplines, which provide growth and mastery in an array of healing capacities.


What Clients Say

Statue Of An Angel Holding A Rose Sitting On A Tombstone In A Ce
Statue Of An Angel Holding A Rose Sitting On A Tombstone In A Ce
Statue Of An Angel Holding A Rose Sitting On A Tombstone In A Ce
Statue Of An Angel Holding A Rose Sitting On A Tombstone In A Ce