Reframe Challenges and Achieve Profound Growth and Healing


Healing Is Possible

I specialize in guiding others in transforming trauma by providing a safe and comfortable environment for creating deeper self-awareness and developing new skills.

~ Sexual Abuse Recovery
~ Childhood Trauma Recovery
~ Post-Abortion Healing
~ Loss & Grief Rebalancing


Working Together to Reclaim Your True Nature

I help to shed light on your path to recovery.

~ Gain deeper self-awareness of emotions and how to process them in healthy ways
~ Learn how to cultivate & maintain self-care practices
~ Develop skills for managing challenges
~ Redefine your story and recreate your sense of self
~ Embrace the joy of life!

Counseling vs. Coaching

Both counseling and coaching can provide transformational healing experiences for those who suffer from a variety of emotional and physical health concerns. Many of my clients find it beneficial to see me to provide support and balance, alongside working with a therapist. Below is a general guide to helping you decide which path to take for your needs.


For some, mental illness can be severe.  Severe mental illness is often defined by its length of duration and the disability it produces.  Illnesses like bipolar disorder, severe depression, schizophrenia, and obsessive-compulsive disorders stem from issues in a client’s childhood or early adult life.  Many people struggle to heal these wounds.  Therapists specialize and are trained in counseling for these types of disorders, and are typically best suited to assist in these cases.


For others, there is a sense of being “stuck” and not knowing how to move forward.  There isn’t a feeling of being disabled by mental illness, but more so feeling challenged and ready to take the next steps toward deeper healing.  Coaches help clients create, achieve and sustain goals for greater health and well-being.  Coaching is an ideal way to offer support and guidance for those trying to achieve positive results and lasting change.

What is Trauma & How Can We Heal?

Trauma is defined as any emotional or physical upset resulting in the inability to live in the present without being overwhelmed by past events.The after-effects of trauma often surface as a feeling of being “stuck.”  This impacts our lives in many ways, until it is consciously addressed and ultimately healed.

We all have the ability to heal, but healing doesn’t mean being free of any future challenges. True healing comes in the form of acceptance and learning how to embrace stories that contribute to growth.

Learn how my work with coaching & Flower Energetics contributes to profound healing of body, mind & Spirit.

~ Appointments Available Worldwide – In Person, Video, or Phone ~

Healing Session


All sessions are 1-hour and include flower essence remedies.

Client Testimonials

  • Dina's knowledge of healing modalities, including flower essences, combined with her insight and wisdom has really made a difference in my life. Her suggestions and remedies have helped to bring me a sense of calm and peace. I am so grateful. Thank you Dina!

    ~ Julie, Nevada City, CA - Natural Products Educator
  • I am enjoying my consultations with Dina. The flower essences that she picks resonate with me and have smoothed out my day to day moods. Her office is clean and bright and comfortable. She has helped me find clarity in a number of different issues in my life. I look forward to working with her into the future.

    ~ Liz, Santa Cruz, CA - BookKeeper
  • I worked with Dina for 5 months and it was a great experience. Flower essences are a great source of support in finding a life balance and Dina is so intuitive and inspiring. I reached my goals within a very short time and look forward to working with Dina in the future.

    ~ Annette D., Bozeman, MT - Civil Engineering Designer
  • My healing sessions with Dina have been nothing short of awesome. I've worked with many different types of healers over the years, and have found Dina's calm, light, compassionate presence to be quite unique. I feel immediately at ease with her, able to share and reveal my authentic thoughts and feelings, and she holds them with a clarity and safety that is hard to describe. It's a gift. Through her Narrative Health Coaching as well as her recommendations for Flower Essences, I have seen my own personal growth expand immensely. I truly feel that she is in my corner cheering me on, and is also a sanctuary to which I can receive guidance and support during easeful and some of the most difficult times of my life.

    ~ Brenna - Santa Cruz, CA - Essential Oil Educator and Healer
    Golden Arrow Healing Arts
  • The work I have done with Dina has been astoundingly transformational. Dina has a rare and extraordinary depth of knowledge of flower essences—both academically and intuitively. Through my years of working with various homeopathic and herbal practitioners, I have yet to witness someone create such dramatic and clearly foundational changes for me.

    ~ Theresa, Santa Cruz, CA - Culinary Educator, Chef
  • Dina and I started with a very comfortable video interview after which she identified some of my core issues and prescribed flower essences for each one. She made other recommendations that have also had a profound effect on my emotional well being. I am forever grateful for her intuitive and nurturing guidance in incorporating flower essences into my daily life practices.

    ~ Winnie, Mendocino, CA - Flower Grower/Designer
  • I have been working with Dina for about a month. She is a wonderful person and her energy via the phone and video conference is inviting and easy to be around. This makes it so comfortable and provides an open and safe environment for me to speak freely. Her healing methodologies are new for me, as I had never heard of flower essence therapy, but I am definitely more self-aware and notice things around me, such as flowers, people, smells and my reactions. I think her innovative style is fresh, and I like and respect new approaches to inviting peace and harmony into my life. I believe that there is an impact being made. With her empathetic listening skills, she has been able to suggest a healing topic that is relevant to my current and past experiences. I encourage others to get a free consult with her on her website. I highly recommend it!

    ~ Brittney, Santa Monica, CA - Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Dina makes each healing session enjoyable, informative and powerful. After our first session together, she easily converted my scattered unfocused life into a smart and clever, straight to the point goal. I currently see myself heading in the right direction both physically and mentally.

    ~ Amanda, New York, NY - Actress/Model
  • Dina has brought me into a whole new world and perspective when it comes to healing. We have had about 10 sessions and the first time we met, I was completely taken aback by how wildly different it was from any other therapy I've had. I finally felt like I was being understood clearly, and in addition she brought about a wealth of wisdom and guidance. Working with flower essences is a beautiful process and Dina has makes it really approachable. She is kind and thoughtful and incredibly knowledgeable.

    ~ Audrey, San Francisco, CA - Botany Student, Florist
  • In short, working with Dina changed my outlook on my life. While opened to the process, I didn't quite know what to expect. I was dealing with MS and trying a find a way to push through my daily symptoms. With Dina's guidance, I learned that it's ok not to be ok at times and being vulnerable isn't the same as being weak. Now, instead of "dealing" and "pushing through", I'm living, enjoying, and getting the most out of my life.

    ~ Agnes, Racine, WI - MS Warrior, Volunteer Coordinator MS Walk