Listening To Flowers
October 29, 2017
Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

Gift of Connection with Cosmos

~ Gift of Connection With Cosmos: Flower Benefits ~  Pink and purple hues bend and sway in lively conversation. Thoughts enlivened through creative words. Colorful ideas painted into eloquent speech. Deep in the midst of autumn vibrant Cosmos flowers stay on and dance a while longer. Disorganized thoughts form erratic words wanting to be expressed with artistry and flair. An overactive mental process leads to a confused mind. My eye catches this candy-colored spectacle and […]
October 25, 2017
Bach Flower Essence Remedies for Topical Use

Bach Flower Essence Remedies for Topical Use

In this article, I talk about some of my favorite Bach Flower Essence Remedies for Topical use.  Current scientific studies show that disease is rooted in our emotional outlook and experience. How we view our bodies and our ability to heal is a major factor in getting well and healing.  This is why Bach Flower Essence remedies for topical use are gaining popularity. Bach Flower Essence Remedies for Topical Use Different from herbal remedies, which […]
October 18, 2017

Healing Trauma Through Vulnerability #metoo

~ Saint John’s Wort Flower Benefits ~ As the days wane and darkness looms over the season, the radiant energy of Saint John’s Wort shines like a beacon amid the shadows. I feel myself filling with golden light, as I open to the warmth of this flowering star. Bright petals spread like arms, hold me in a dazzling embrace. The quality of this essence is one of enlightened consciousness, illuminating an otherwise dim awareness. When […]
October 11, 2017

Healing Practices for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

In this post, I have outlined some healing practices for survivors of sexual abuse trauma. Last week, in my previous blog article I talked about a selection of flower essences that can help to transform the challenging emotions associated with sexual abuse trauma.  My Narrative Health Coaching practice always begins by using flower essence remedies to provide support with the healing process.  From this place of renewed equilibrium, clients become more capable of achieving growth […]