Listening To Flowers
May 16, 2018
Flower Essence Therapy Healing Energy of Peaceful Mind

White Chestnut Energy of Peaceful Mind

~ White Chestnut Healing Energy ~ From stillness of mind I embody calmness of Spirit I release unwanted thoughts and worries I dwell in the present moment of being Summer heralds its approach with a proliferation of blooms and extended daylight. As I wander over earthen paths, the colors, fragrances and warmth, tease my senses awake. I go deeper into a forest of deliciously scented trees and notice I am being supported in the great, […]
May 2, 2018
Forget Me Not Flower Essence Therapy

Forget-Me-Not Energy of Soul Connection

~ Forget-Me-Not Healing Energy ~  The patches of heavenly blue petals, staring up at me with a delicate vibrancy, remind me that the curtain of spring is drawing to a close. A reflection of my soul, a sense of longing for what will soon pass, as the season turns. Forget-Me-Not spreads its life force throughout the garden and asks that I will remember the love held in its ethereal flowers. Grief and sorrow weigh heavy […]
April 18, 2018
Poppy Flower Essence of the Week

California Poppy Energy of Spirituality

~ California Poppy Healing Energy ~ Springtime bliss in California, as the golden poppies sway in the breeze – sprawling far and wide, through meadows, beaches, hills and gardens. It’s hard not to notice the gleaming cups. Pointed caps drop off of unfurling tops, displaying a glorious gold to behold. I am enchanted. Seeking spiritual truths from euphoric sources can be an enticement for many. Getting lost in the realm of cosmic bedazzlement, from psychedelics […]
April 13, 2018
Bach Free Flower Essence Classes

Free Class: Bach Flower Essence Remedies for Self-Healing

Free Flower Energetics Class ~ Bach Flower Essence Remedies for Self-Healing Join me in my monthly free live-online class. Together, we will explore using the Bach flower essence remedies for self-care. Flower essence remedies as a holistic therapy, was developed in 1930 by British physician Dr. Edward Bach. His system of using plant essences to relieve the disharmony of disease emerged as a simple method to restore out of balance emotions using liquid extracts from […]