Listening To Flowers
April 4, 2018
Saguaro Healing Energy of Ancient Wisdom

Saguaro Healing Energy of Ancient Wisdom

~ Saguaro Healing Energy:  Ancient Wisdom ~ I find myself amid the stillness of the desert. Ancient giants guide me into the landscape, where I’m both lost and found. The soulful silence takes me back to a time when plants and animals ruled this place. Before any human eye ever witnessed this magical forest, Saguaro thrived. I watch as hummingbirds dip in and out, the tiny warriors of the desert co-existing with the mighty cactus, […]
March 21, 2018

Crab Apple Healing Energy of Self-Love

~ Crab Apple Healing Energy ~ I welcome imperfection as opportunity for growth I view small details as part of a bigger picture I embrace the perfect wholeness of my being  Spring finally explodes in magnificent splendor. Buds bursting from branches that were bare a few short weeks ago.  As I walk through the garden, I pause, marveling at the pure beauty of the one-year old Crab Apple tree. The star-like blossoms scented with the […]
March 7, 2018
Baby Blue Eyes Healing Energy of Security

Baby Blue Eyes Healing Energy of Security

~ Baby Blue Eyes Healing Energy ~ The ground is covered with fresh dew. It’s nearly springtime in Northern California and wildflowers begin to awaken from their winter rest. Tiny pale blue and creamy white blossoms cling low to the ground and invite me to connect with their ethereal beauty. A gift from the heavens, Baby Blue Eyes spreads its healing energy and I know I am held in the arms of a loving guide. […]
February 21, 2018
Calendula healing energy

Calendula Healing Energy of Communication

~ Calendula Healing Energy ~ Golden heads bobbing in the sun conversing with playful ease, giving and receiving, an intriguing dance is displayed. I crouch to get a better view and suddenly feel part of this community of flowers. Wild Calendula draws me near, so that I may carefully observe what is being conveyed. I sense an offering of connection and I embrace the warmth. Known by many as “Mary’s Gold” – her vivid wisdom […]