Combining Flower Essences, Health Coaching, NLP & Lifestyle Medicine

Flower Essences, Health Coach skills, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Lifestyle Medicine engage transformational healing at the core. I believe it’s our inherent nature to live a full, whole life. Along the way, this may have gotten shrouded by trauma, fear and doubt. I truly believe that we all have the ability to heal, as we connect with a deeper source within ourselves. The light is always there — at times it just gets dimmed by the story we tell ourselves.

Have You Reached a Dead End with Mainstream Medicine?

Most of my clients are suffering with physical and emotional challenges that mainstream medicine hasn’t been able to address effectively. The old model of “fixing the symptoms” just doesn’t seem to be getting to the core of what is needed to truly heal. My integrative Health Coach skills combined with Flower Essence Therapy with customized flower essences, cultivate health and wellness by looking at the whole person and creating individual healing plans that focus on each person’s unique needs. Working together to identify your goals for healing, recognizing your natural rhythms, engaging your strengths and developing strong inner resources, create a solid foundation for optimal health and wellness of body, mind, spirit & soul!

Personal Empowerment Mentor

Growth is an ongoing part of life.  At certain stages you might feel stuck, and unable to see how to move forward.  Along the path you can choose to enlist a guide. Someone who helps to shed light on how to find your way. My methods for healing go beyond looking at symptoms and trying to fix the problem. This is about personal growth that brings you into the next level of being. A way of being that supports your greatest health and happiness. With a Healer’s Mindset, you become empowered and able to conquer challenges and thrive.  Let’s do this together!  

Healing shouldn’t be hard.

I help people learn simple and profound methods

for meeting challenges with ease.

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