Health Coaching Interview by Dina Saalisi

Meet Dr. Joel Kreisberg, Director of Teleosis Institute, Coaching and the Healing Arts

Questions by Dina Saalisi

What am I passionate about?

Living life in the present moment, with joy and intrigue.  I love getting close to people, animals, nature, the divine.  With so many ways, I just have to remember to pay attention to the potential in each moment.

Who has been most influential to my personal growth? How?

I’ve had many teachers, but the few that stand above are John Coltrane, whose music and passion for connecting with the divine through music inspired my early years.  Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, provided the map that I crisscrossed in discovery of the worlds inside the mind, and Jun Po Roshi, my current mentor, who points out the way of ever present Clear Deep Heart/Mind.

What is my superpower?

I seem to be able to bring healing into folk’s lives.  It seems magical at times, but I sit, listen, then I point out a way forward and give little sugar pills of nothing, igniting powerful growth and healing.  Still can’t really figure out how it works.

Who is a fictional character that inspires me?

Harry Potter has so much energy to bring justice through the world.  He never doubts the wisdom of the elders and is willing to figure out how to use his power even without a user’s manual.

What is my favorite way to spend a Sunday?

I love sitting around and reading the paper, making a great breakfast, then puttering around my garden.  By the end of the day, I’m walking along the lagoon with my dogs.

What is the most unusual thing I own?

The most unusual thing I own is a fossilized walrus penis bone.  Turns out that the walrus has a mighty club that he uses for love.

Where do I dream of travelling to?

My dreams of travel take me to Churchill Manitoba, in October/November to hang out with the Polar Bears.  Would be great to be home!

When do I feel the most at peace?

Sitting with my tribe at a Hollow Bones Sesshin.

Words to live by?

If not now, when?

Dr. Joel Kreisberg has 29 years of experience as an integrative homeopathic physician. He holds credentials in chiropractic (a graduate of the New York College of Chiropractic), homeopathy (a graduate of the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy, and in coaching (a graduate of Integral Coaching Canada).  He is also co-author of the Coaching and Healing: Transforming the Illness Narrative and author of The Handbook for Poison Ivy and Poison Oak.

In 1996, Dr. Kreisberg founded the Teleosis School of Homeopathy.  After completing his Master’s degree in Integral Ecology at Prescott College in Arizona, Dr. Kreisberg founded the Teleosis Institute, devoted to sustainable medicine. In 2012, he was instrumental in developing the first ordinance in the United States making it mandatory for drug companies to operate safe disposal systems for consumer prescription drugs.

After becoming an Integral Master Coach™, Dr. Kreisberg developed the current curriculum at Teleosis Institute, including the Certificate Program in Narrative Health Coaching and The Journey of Inspiring Homeopathy.

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